4 Reasons Smart Whip Boosts your Kitchen’s efficiency

totallycharge, August 7, 2020

High-quality utensils, a well-organized crew as well as good planning are essential to a restaurant’s success. While in a perfect world things would always run easily, the reality is typically different; equipment unpredictably breaks down in the middle of a dinner rush, the mint pea mousse doesn’t froth quite as constantly as last time, or the new rotisseur fortuitously mixes the wrong marinade for the lamb shanks. Amidst this chaos, the restaurant manager is demanding five starters while bringing in five new orders – and you are already working at utmost capacity.


As a proficient chef, your objective is to make a delicious dish as fast as well as efficiently as possible, while minimising mess and downtime in between preparations. Having a selection of dependable, high-quality equipment can considerably reduce preparation time, wastage along with costs, improving kitchen competence and eventually driving the profit margin up. But kitchen efficiency is less about speed, and more about streamlining procedures, maintaining quality as well as improving convenience. In this regard, the Smart whip system is a game-changer set to reform the competence of restaurant kitchens.

Improving kitchen efficiency with Smart whip

Easy to use - Thanks to the novel easy-grip filling hose which straight connects the cream charger to the cream dispenser, Smart whip takes half the time to charge a cream dispenser compared to conventional charging systems. Meanwhile, the whip adapter allows for all cream chargers to be made attuned with the whip system, eventually upgrading your kitchen efficiency principles.

Fast - The 580g canister of nitrous oxide is flawlessly sized for a restaurant kitchen and can charge several devices without the hassle of replacing canisters or else from having to use numerous single-use canisters for one dish!. Furthermore, the whip system is equipped with a wall frame that fastens the container to the kitchen wall where it is rapid to use or else reclaim if necessary. This can avert bottlenecks from happening in the kitchen as everything has its selected place, allowing the kitchen to run effortlessly as well as efficiently.

Measurable - A crucial component of Smart whip is the pressure regulator, which permits you to adjust the working pressure to the precise amount required. This considerably diminishes excess gas wastage as you can determine the exact amount of nitrous oxide to be released, allowing you to use your cream charger more resourcefully.

Reliable quality - Achieving the needed reliability can be complicated using single-use canisters since the amount of gas cannot be synchronized. Thanks to the Smart whip pressure regulator those problems are long gone. And if you are not sure, visit our pressure table to make sure that you always have the right constancy.

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